Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome to Causes International

Hello there and welcome to our blog! 
We're thrilled to have you here! 
Let me just explain a bit about what we do, who we are, and where we want to go.

Who we are:

We're a green cause marketing company, meaning that we want to help various causes, aka charities, in a "green" way. But how do we do that easily?  First we want to help eliminate the effects of improper disposal of electronics.
We want to help you to turn this:

Into this:

Second, we want to offer an easy, web based way to generate revenue for various causes in the United States and throughout the world. 
We want to help you turn your no longer used and outgrown electronics:


Into money to support the causes closest to your heart:

                        We are committed to helping our clients who are committed to helping others.

No cause is more important than yours!

Our mission:
We want to empower clients and their donors to change the face of charitable giving with a green and easy way to make money for the causes that matter most to them, all without writing a check! We provide safe and responsible programs for Upcycling items to re-commerce which produce funding in an environmentally friendly way!

What we do:
You may be wondering, "What is Upcycling?"  
Upcycling isn't well known because it's a brand new concept!
Upcycling is when you take no longer used electronics, devices, and gadgets and turn them into funding for the causes that you support!
Upcycling protects the world form e-Waste, aka electronic waste, dumping. 
No item ever goes into a landfill! 

What we take:
We take over 60,000 items in a variety of categories! 
Some of the categories are:
iPhones & Driods & other Smartphones, iPads, Blu-Ray & TV Series, Video Games, Game Consoles, Graphing Calculators, iTouch & iPod, iPad, DVD's, and more!
To check what we do take, visit our website causesinternational.com

Why we made this blog:
We want you to get to know us!
Knowing the core of the company gives you a much more meaningful, individual experience. 
We care about you, and we want you to know us!

So, why should you get involved?
Well, why wouldn't you?
If you work with us, you're going to change the world and make it a better place for our children's future with a double dose of good.
It's green and it's easy.
You're helping charities, and by doing that you're giving back to the people that need it the most.
You can do it from the comfort of your home, in less than 10 minutes, and completely for FREE. Everything is covered by us, even the shipping!**

It feels so good to be so green!

Be part of the revolution that will change the world!

Stay Green,


*: pictures taken from
**: United States only.

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